Movin’ On

When we got startedwe figured out what we wanted to do and asked ourselves some key questions.  It’s great to figure out what you want, but you’ve got to take that knowledge and apply it to make the changes in your life.  The goal of the Change Life Campaign is to help you move from thought to action.


But it seemed like a good idea…

Ever go to a gym in January?  You’re waiting for a treadmill, every class is full, and you have a slim chance of getting to all of the weight machines.

Go to the same gym in February.  There are plenty of treadmills available, you can take any class you want, and you can use the weight machines in any order you want because no one’s using them.

So what’s the difference?  January is one of the biggest months for new gym memberships.  The International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association.reported in 2014 that 80 percent of gym members who joined to tackle their New Year’s Resolutions had dropped their membership by the second week in February.


Keep moving forward!

It’s a good first step to set goals, but it’s only a first step.  Your goals aren’t worth the paper they’re written on if you don’t make the effort to follow through.  If you want to walk a tightrope, you start on the platform, but you can’t just walk a third of the way across and say, “Yeah, I’m good.”



Taking that first step is terrific, but it ends up being no big deal unless you keep walking.  Let’s  keep moving forward with our Change Life Campaign.