It’s time to do some homework.  I hope you didn’t groan like my sons do when they hear the word homework.  All you need is your brain, some time to think, and a way to capture your thoughts (computer, pen and paper – whatever works for you).

Why Are You Doing This?

Let’s start with the reason.  Why do you want to start a Change Life Campaign?  Be as detailed as you can.  (It will help later.)  Look at all of the parts of your life and figure out what you’d like to change.

Some questions you can ask yourself include:

  • What’s not going well?

    Look at your reason for wanting to start a Change Life Campaign.  It’s time to dig deeper into why the reason matters to you.    Why are you considering changing your life?

If you’re working, what don’t you like about your current situation?  Consider the work you’re doing, the time you’re spending at work. the flexibility of your schedule, etc. etc.

What do you want to change about your personal life?  If your answer to that question is to ask “what personal life?”, then you’ve given yourself a big answer to address.


  • What’s going well?
    Your life isn’t a complete disaster.  I hope.  It’s not unusual to focus on the negative and discount the positive.  Starting on a positive note will make it easier to keep going – you’ll be less likely to curl up in a fetal position in a corner.


  • What are you good at?
    You might give good presentations.  You’re a good writer.  As you’re brainstorming, think about what compliments you’ve received.  If you’ve gotten performance appraisals, look at what strengths your boss has recognized.  You can even ask people what they think your strengths are.


  • What aren’t you good at?
    Now it’s time to look at the other side of the coin.  Have those performance appraisals mentioned skills you could improve?  You’re not a jack of all trades, so narrow down your skills.  For example, I’ve worked in IT for two decades, but I’m not a programmer.  I can write a simple SQL query, but that’s about it.  It’s not an indictment, it’s recognizing where you have less experience or a lower skill level.


  • What do you like?  Just because you’re good at someone doesn’t mean you want to do it.  You may need additional training to do what you like, but add it to the list.

Any ideas on where you want to end up?  Do you want to run your own business instead of doing your current job?  If so, what kind of business do you want?  Be as specific as you can, but it’s OK if you’re not ready to do that.  Just brainstorm a few ideas on what you could do.


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